• Combination Massage $80

    An excellent combination that is perfect for relaxing and relieving tension. Begins with gentle pressure and then progresses to firmer pressure on a few focus areas. Coupled with your choice of Hot Stones OR Aromatherapy. (Duration 50 minutes)

  • Custom Massage $99

    Customize the pressure and focus areas of your choice. Coupled with your choice of 3 add ons- hot stones, salt stones, aroma therapy, hot towel foot wrap, or BioFreeze. (Duration 50 minutes)

  • Relaxation Massage (50 Minute Session) $75

    A classic massage to reduce stress and tension. This gentle relaxing Swedish massage is gentle pressure just enough for your first time or if you are simply looking to relieve stress.

  • Relaxation Massage (25 Minute Session) $45
  • Deep Tissue, Sports or Neuromuscular Massage (50 Minute Session) $90

    Deep Tissue, Sports and Neuromuscular Massages focus on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Helpful for chronic pain. Soreness may occur after the session. (Duration 50 minutes)

  • Deep Tissue, Sports or Neuromuscular Massage (25 Minute Session) $50
  • Thai Massage $100

    More movement than a traditional massage, Thai Massage is a combination of stretching, moving, and pressure to assist in relieving joint and muscle pain .  (Duration 50 mins)

  • Additional 30 minutes added to ANY Massage $35
  • Couples Room Available For An Additional $15 Per Person

    Enjoy the ambiance of our couples room while sampling a few of our Add On’s. Chamomile & Lavender massage lotion helps set the mood, followed by hot stones, aromatherapy and warm towel wraps for your feet.

Additional Services Available

  • Scalp Massage (Duration 25 Minutes) $40
  • Reflexology or Thai Reflexology (30 Minute Session) $45
  • BioFreeze, Salt Stones or Hot Stones or Aromatherapy $15
  • Cupping Add On $35
  • BioFreez, Salt Stones or Hot stones or Aromatherapy $15
  • Chair Massage Services (10 minute minimum / 30 minute maximum) $1.00 Per Minute
  • Stretch Therapy (Duration 30 Mintues) $45
  • Gua Sha Tool Scraping (15 Minute Session) $25