About Us

Affordable Luxury

Let us take you on a relaxing journey where stress melts away and true wellness begins.   We invite you to experience tranquility and discover a refreshed and healthy you!   We provide some of the most advanced therapeutic treatments by highly skilled professionals at affordable rates – affordable luxury for you!

Meet Our Team

Carrie Dennis, Manager

Debra Spears, LMT MA86401

Esthela Rivera, Lead LMT MA86831

Sirjana Koirala, Esthetician & Permanent Makeup Expert/Tattoo FB9757929

Maylor McIntosh, LMT MA86115

Maribel Perez, Esthetician & Hair Specialist FB97880255

Jennifer Goetz, LMT MA76135

Samantha Dickerson, LMT MA94115

Heather Nolan, Esthetician FB9792144

Naudia Allen, Front Desk Coordinator and Cosmetologist CL1304749

Dametre Roberts, LMT MA97905

Sue Frederick, LMT MA81431

Elizabeth Rosenberg, Cosmetologist CL1225815

Jessica Ingold, Esthetician FB9795385